Fantastic packaging!

Fantastic packaging! Buried Treasure arrived on a timely basis and was wrapped better than anyway I would have imagined. Melissa Bradshaw was very creative and tuned-in the content for youth! Congratulations on an excellent product.

Jim B.
An 'Open and Go' Program

I can’t say how grateful I am for Buried Treasure's “open and go” programming! After the initial set up of decorations, craft materials, and craft samples were complete, getting ready for each meeting was a pretty simple matter.

Buried Treasure is well organized, the slide presentations are wonderful, the children loved the games, and the crafts are both fun and instructive. I appreciated that the craft booklet offered the easy option of ordering from Oriental Trading. We didn’t end up using the scripture songs, but my kids still remember almost all the words of the theme song.

The adult meetings were often done before we were quite finished, so you definitely provided enough material for each evening - much better to cut a little than run out of things to do! 😊

I REALLY appreciated your responsiveness and helpfulness during the meetings. Thank you SO much!

Family Worship

This program is amazing. We are actually using it for our family worship, and our 4 year old daughter loves it. We do a section of questions a day, songs and coloring. It takes us a few days to get to each Bible study but it is a blessing that we can all do it together.

Wonderful Resource!

I'm in the middle of a series using Buried Treasure right now. Everything is well laid out and easy to use. The games are fun, the crafts are thoughtfully designed, the stories and lessons are effective. The health/nature nuggets are enjoyable and correlate with the lessons. The Buried Treasure theme song gets stuck in everyone's head! Melissa and her team have made a resource that is easy to use and makes my job, as the leader, as easy as possible. We have had students aged 3-12 years old. The main lessons have worked best for my 8 yr olds and up. There are worksheets available for the younger ones - they've been effective for my 5-7 year-olds. We've also had a few 3 year-olds. They've been able to do some of the preschool worksheets, but have also needed some toys to keep them occupied the rest of the time. Just last night was the baptism lesson, and four children indicated they were interested in preparing for baptism! This is a wonderful resource, and I can't recommend it highly enough!

Joelle W.
The children love the songs!

The children love the songs! They go around singing them all the time.

Easy to Lead

The presentations and provided material online make it very easy to lead the **program and keeps the children's attention.

Lots of Detail

*Buried Treasure provides a lot of detail making it easy for the teachers to follow the program. *

I like the quizzes

I like the quizzes and I think the children did too. :)

Easy to Follow

The Teacher's Manual is easy to follow. The activities are varied in a way that they keep the children's interest and attention.