The best way to memorize Scripture is to set it to music. Buried Treasure Scripture Songs CD and songbook contain 22 original songs that accompany the My Place With Jesus Bible Guides. Lock these great Bible principles in your mind with these fun and catchy songs. You'll find that not only children will be singing these songs!

Here are some samples of the Scripture Songs:

The Buried Treasure Scripture Songs CD features 22 original songs, along with accompaniment tracks. Below you can listen to a sample of each of the songs.

1. The Word of Our God:
2. You Are God
3. In the Beginning
4. The Son of Man
5. God So Love the World
6. Perfect Peace
7. This is the Confidence
8. Watch and Pray
9. Arise and Be Baptized
10. If You Love Me
11. On the Seventh Day
12. Charge Over You
13. I Am the Resurrection
14. He Who Has the Son
15. The Blessed Hope
16. The Dream is Certain
17. Give Glory to Him
18. All to the Glory of God
19. Bring Ye All the Tithes
20. The Fruits of the Spirit
21. I Go
22. Buried Treasure Theme Song